Electronic Disclosure Submission System

NASDAQ listed-companies are required to submit material disclosures to NASDAQ's MarketWatch Department using the Electronic Disclosure submission system. Listed companies use a fast online submission form to send Press Releases, 8K Filings, Conference Call Talking Points, and other Regulation FD-compliant documents directly to MarketWatch. MarketWatch does not accept material news disclosures by fax or phone except in emergency situations. You can access the online form via the link below. This process utilizes a secure connection and all data is encrypted. For your security, the online form requires entry of a displayed validation code for submission.

   Open the Online Form

Once you provide, verify, and submit the required information, a confirmation receipt displays. You may print this confirmation for your records.

Compliance Information

NASDAQ Listing Rule 5250(b)(1) requires that, except in unusual circumstances, the company shall make prompt disclosure to the public through any Regulation FD-compliant method (or combination of methods) of disclosure of any material information that would reasonably be expected to affect the value of its securities or influence investors' decisions. The company shall, prior to the release of the information, provide notice of such disclosure to MarketWatch if the information involves any of the events set forth in IM-5250-1. MarketWatch will assess the news disclosure for materiality and, in certain circumstances, may implement temporary trading halts to allow for even dissemination of material news.

NASDAQ Corporate Governance Requirements

All companies listed on The NASDAQ Stock Market are required to meet the high standards of corporate governance, as outlined in the NASDAQ Listing Rules. NASDAQ corporate governance requirements address:

  • Distribution of Annual and Interim Reports
  • Solicitation of Proxies
  • Independent Directors
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Audit Committees
  • Shareholder Approval
  • Shareholder Meetings
  • Stockholder Voting Rights
  • Quorum
  • Code of Conduct

Rule 5615(a)(3) permits foreign private issuers to follow their home country governance practices in lieu of certain NASDAQ requirements. A foreign private issuer relying on this provision must disclose in its annual reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) each requirement of Rule 5600 Series and Rules 5210(c) and 5255 that it does not follow and the alternative home country practice it does follow. In addition, a foreign private issuer making its initial public offering or first U.S. listing on NASDAQ must disclose any such practices in its registration statement.

System Requirements

In order to submit electronic disclosures to NASDAQ, your computer should meet these minimum standards.

  • Operating System:
    Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista
  • Web Browser:
    Internet Explorer 5.5/6.0+

Notification Options

Companies should send advance notification of material news to NASDAQ MarketWatch via Electronic Disclosure.

For assistance, please contact MarketWatch at 800-537-3929 or 301-978-8500